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Why I Love and Live in Fresno and Think You Should Too!

Yes, You Should Make Fresno/Clovis Your New Home!

We Love Fresno!

We Love Fresno!

I Love Fresno and Clovis Ca! I (Matt Heinricy) was born and raised here, went to college here, raising my own family here and plan on staying here until my time is done.  I know many native Fresnans who have moved away, vowing to never return, and yet like a gravitational pull they have been drawn back here.  The reasons why?

The Top 3 Reasons to Love and Live In Fresno

1. LOCATION: I know what you thinking, “What did he just say?”  Yes, I said it… location. One of the greatest reasons I love this community is that we are close to everything.  We are 2 hours from some of the most beautiful coast lines and only 45 minutes from some of the most incredible mountain ranges in the world.  Fresno and Clovis are also home to some of the most mild and enjoyable winters and summer nights.

2. FAMILY FRIENDLY: Fresno is also a large enough city to enjoy and yet small town friendly enough for you to not feel lost!  This is a great place to raise a family and enjoy life.  Many families chose to live in the Fresno and Clovis area and say that this is one of the most friendly and inviting places they have ever lived.

3. AFFORDABILITY: Well, this one might be a little harder sell – however, as far as California goes, we here in the Central Valley, have some of the most affordable housing and some of the best built homes anywhere.

Check out our directory of some Fresno and Clovis’ best neighborhoods and our Fresno Relocation Guide.

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