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Is is still a good time to buy a home in Fresno?

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How to know if you should buy a Fresno Home?

“Is it still a good time to buy or sell a home in the Fresno and Clovis area?” Most likely this is  the most often asked question I receive these days.  It is no wonder when the economy looks bleak and everyone (even in the real estate business) has a different opinion.  My “typical” answer involves two different perspectives.

2 Perspectives on Home Buying

  1. “From a purely numbers stand point, this is still one of the best times in history to buy.” With interest rates still well below 5% (as of this blog date), inventory still relatively high and home values under valued – this is a great time to be making an investment in a Fresno or Clovis area home.
  2. The other side of the coin is that, “no this may not be the best time for you to buy.”  No individual or family has the same situation or reason(s) for buying.  For instance, some people are motivated by the low interest rates and yet given their current job/financial situation they would be better off waiting.  Others are looking to downsize their current home and buy something for less that better fits their present day needs.  In this case, although they will sell in a down market, the plus side is they may be able to pay cash for a smaller home or for a lessor mortgage – which makes for a great financial decision for years to come.

Whatever your situation may be it is helpful to process your choices with an objective 3rd party who  wants what is best for you and your family and to walk wisely into whatever choice you make. That is where we at Fresno Real Estate come in.  If you would like to talk about your current situation and options for buying or selling in today’s market email or call me today.  559.325.4043 or [email protected]

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